Cellcontrol Device Activation

Step 1 - Trigger Activation

In order to set up your Cellcontrol account, you will need the activation code(s) from the Cellcontrol triggers you purchased in order to complete this process. The activation code is 16 characters long and is found on the triggers.

First, how many Cellcontrol triggers did you purchase?

Click here to read the EULA and privacy policy. By activating this product, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated therein. Check the box to indicate you understand the agreement.

I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions stated.

Step 2 - Phone Information

Next, select the number of phones on which you wish to install cellControl. You can currently add up to 6 phones.

We support all phones listed below. For iPhone users, we support everything 4S and more recent.

International Phone Number?

NOTE: You will need your username and password to log into your account.

Account Information

Notice: Even though the information here is optional, we need this to send replacement parts in case of damage or defect.

Contact Information

Step 4 - Save Information

Almost Complete

That's all we need. Your new account is now ready. Thanks again for purchasing cellcontrol, and we look forward to helping you drive more safely. Even though we've activated your account, you will still need to download the software onto your mobile browser.

Make sure you have saved your username and password. Then go to our Customer Portal at http://account.cellcontrol.com/ If you need to adjust anything you filled out here, you can add or remove phones, change your number, phone device, username, password, and more.

Visit http://www.cellcontrol.com/download You must visit it through your mobile browser. These instructions are repeated on our Customer Portal as well.